What happens when you bring together two telecom engineers with 50 years of combined technology innovation experience and a problem to solve?

A History of Innovative Solutions.

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“Dynamic Wi-Fi” – 2X to 10X more capabilities .
Integrates with other wireless frequencies .
Cellular like handoff in Wi-Fi .

Smart Broadband Has A Name: Wi5i G

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How we are making the difference for our customers and partners. 

Our clients are the most important part of Ulterius Technologies. We’ve been in their shoes, and now we’re dedicated to providing them with the fastest, safest, most powerful network.

Wondering if Ulterius Technologies might be the one for you? Check out these success stories. Become a client, and your success story will be sure to follow.

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“E2E is making a difference in the Wichita community, the reawaking of an entrepreneurial environment is happening today, and Ulterius was happy to deliver Wi5iG to all aspiring startups that E2E supports”

“ City arts is passionate about the art community in Wichita, and wanted to provide the best connection possible for it’s students. Ulterius’ partnership with City arts has helped not only City arts, but all the future aspiring artists that go to city arts to perfect their talent.”

City Arts

“Ulterius wanted to help students prove a new concept at the Koch Arena so we partnered with WSU to provide our Wi5iG network with our patented 10G network the results were exciting”

Koch Arena


koch arena

city arts


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